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Summer Workshops
Brighton CoBACH building
202 W. Main Street

Beginning Watercolor

Join this class to learn the basics of how to create beautiful, color-filled watercolor paintings. You will create a technique sheet to use for future reference; learn how to mix your colors; and create a number of paintings that include flowers, landscape, still life. You will be able to create glorious washes, intimate details, and learn how to use the transparent watercolors to create beautiful glazes. Come on, you know you want to take this class! No stress, I promise.
July 10 - July13 (Mon thru-Thurs), 10am-12pm Fee: $90


Mixed Media Workshop

We’ve all seen photos of the Grand Canyon with all those colorful, interesting layers that provide a history of how the canyon was made. Mixed media artwork is created in the same fashion – lots and lots of layers.
This workshop is jam packed with fun and information. During the class, learn a variety of techniques including various background treatments, texture ideas, collage, design pointers, as well as some color theory.
You will want to bring some surfaces to work on a piece that you will finish (or almost) during our time together. Students will benefit from many demos and have lots of opportunity to work on their own paintings. Beginner to advanced levels welcome. 
July 24 – July 27, 1pm-4pm Fee: $90

Altered Book Adventure

Using an old child’s board book, learn how to prepare the book for painting, background painting techniques, design ideas, as well as cutting openings and adding 3D embellishments. You will learn how to cut, tear, sew, and otherwise make the book into a unique work of art. It’s helpful to work from something inspirational – whether it’s a quote, photo, or objects.
Bring along all those little found object treasures you’ve been collecting, they might be just what you need to finish off your book! Student level is for beginners to advanced. We’ll be using your favorite quotes, poems and/or book passage and your treasured embellishments: wire, eyelets, stamps, buttons, found objects, etc.
Be thinking of your special theme. Favorite quotes, poems, or book passages printed out in a variety of font sizes Images you may want to use (keeping in mind the size of the piece, bring a variety of sizes just to be safe :o) Bring any or all of the following that you would like to add to your finished piece: wire, eyelets/tool, stamps, buttons, found objects, beads, etc. Having a theme helps to know what to bring.
August 2 – August 4, 10am-12pm Fee: $90


Loose & Free Florals

My floral paintings showcase two hallmarks of my work – color and texture. In this class, I will share my techniques for achieving subtle texture and rich, vibrant color.
You will learn how to use texture effectively, how to layer transparent and opaque color, as well as how to integrate the background and foreground. I’ll share with you how I use positive and negative shape to create dynamic compositions. This class is about working with what is on your surface and painting in an impressionistic fashion.
August 2 – August 4, 1pm – 4pm Fee: $90








WC floral purple detail (2016_01_11 13_50_46 UTC).jpg



AcrossRoad (2016_01_11 13_50_46 UTC).jpg



AB Control cover 2 (2016_01_11 13_50_46 UTC).jpg




Flower 12 (2016_07_11 18_06_13 UTC).jpg

Professional Development

Contact me if you are interested in providing your teachers the opportunity
to learn how to incorporate art into their curriculum.

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available in Drawing,
Beginning Watercolor, Oil, and Acrylics