Spring Classes - April to May 2018


Classes will be held upstairs at the COBACH Building

202 W. Main Street, Brighton*

Across from and same side of Main Street as
the Yum Yum Tree.

Space is limited, so sign up soon! In the rare event that I don't have enough fun people join, I may have to cancel. If that does happen, any preregistered students will be notified 24 hours in advance. (Please Note: no elevator)

*Door will open 10 minutes before the start of class.
 If you arrive after the start time of class, use the door bell at eye level on right side of door.

Please call or text me if you can't make it to class - that way I won't worry about you!

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Watercolor Florals

Join this class to learn the basics of creating  beautiful, blossom-filled paintings.  You will learn to loosen up and paint without fear; how to mix your colors; and create dynamic compositions.  Come on, you know you want to take this class!  No stress, I promise. Beginner to Intermediate level.

Wednesday,  4/11-5/2  (4 weeks), 1-3pm

Class Pack Available with all Supplies Needed.




After (2016_03_21 10_42_53 UTC).jpg

Understand how color and shape create dynamic abstract paintings with a strong focal point. Discover how to incorporate balance, movement, and contrast using line, value, and texture. You will work on multiple pieces so you don’t overwork any of them. Experimenting with various techniques will help develop your personal style, your own language.  Gloriously free style painting!

Tuesday, 4/10-5/1  (4 weeks), 1-3pm



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This workshop is jam packed with fun and information.  During the class, learn a variety of techniques including various: 

  • background treatments
  • texture ideas
  • collage
  • design pointers
  • some color theory

You will benefit from many demos and have lots of opportunity to work on your own paintings.  Beginner to advanced levels welcome.








Even if you think you can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, this class is for you!  Join and you will gain confidence and expertise.  Learn basic drawing techniques with regular and colored pencil and charcoal, while understanding how to use line, value, and perspective. Students work with a variety of subjects, including the figure, still life, and landscape.  Beginner to Experienced welcome.

Thursday, 4/12-5/10  (no class 4/19), 6-8pm


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Your child will improve their drawings skills by learning shading, proportion, and perspective They will also learn a bit of art history.  Please bring some of their past drawings to first night of class. 

Drawing - All supplies included
Saturday, 4/7-5/5, 1-2pm (no class 4/14)

2016 Annual Art Exhibit (2016_04_29 11_38_42 UTC).jpg

Working with acrylic on canvas board, students will paint a variety of subjects including animals, still life, and landscapes.  

Saturday, 4/7-5/5, 2pm-3pm (no class 4/14)
$90 + $12 Supply Fee







Send Check to:

Donna Engstrom
965 Brighton Lake Road
Brighton MI 48116

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Acrylic Landscapes

This is my painting medium of choice. Learn tips and techniques to create successful paintings. Learn how to mix any color you want; how to use value to make your paintings sing; and how to create strong compositions.  Beginner to Advanced level.

Wednesday, 4/12-5/3 (4 weeks), 6-8pm








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With busy schedules and conflicting dates of regular classes, you can still move ahead with your art by taking a private lesson. We will find mutually available days/times.  Both adults and children are welcome. Any level: beginner to advanced.

Class will be held at the CoBACH center.