Summer - Fall Classes 


Classes will be held upstairs at the COBACH Building

202 W. Main Street, Brighton*

Across from and same side of Main Street as
the Yum Yum Tree.

Space is limited, so sign up soon! In the rare event that I don't have enough fun people join, I may have to cancel. If that does happen, any preregistered students will be notified 24 hours in advance. (Please Note: no elevator)

*Door will open 10 minutes before the start of class.
 If you arrive after the start time of class, use the door bell at eye level on right side of door.

Please call or text me if you can't make it to class - that way I won't worry about you!

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I’ll share with you the fruits of my exploration into the area of the Law of Attraction.  My research includes information gleaned from reading The Secret, Conversations With God, A Witch’s Grimoire, Marianne Williamson’s works, and many others.  This class will encourage you to define and reflect on the life of your dreams, so it may become a bit intense.



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Together we will create a unique little journal where you can organize those precious thoughts and dreams.  I’ll show you how to  create tabs and pockets for each day.  I’ll provide a plethora (I love using that word) of ideas on how to design, texture, paint, collage, sew, and embellish your signatures and book covers.  

July 24, 31, Aug 7  (3 weeks)


Trees are one of nature’s most beautiful creations, with their textured bark and graceful branches.  For me, they represent power and strength, life and connectedness to the earth.  I feel their power every time I wrap my arms around one.  Join me as I lead you down a mixed media path that celebrates nature and her wonderment.

You will collage and paint a unique, mixed media canvas.  You will learn how to weave wire and beads into a breast piece; how to sculpt clay faces on your found sticks; and how to attach the tree maidens to your canvas.




Tips and Tricks for beginning Watercolor painters. You will learn about painting wet into wet, wet into dry, masking, adding salt, and more. You will create your own color wheel using only 6 colors. You will never need to buy another tube of paint!


We’ve all seen photos of the Grand Canyon with all those colorful, interesting layers that provide a history of how the canyon was made.  Mixed media artwork is created in the same fashion – lots and lots of layers.  For me, it what’s makes each piece totally unique and oh so much fun to create.  No one technique stands out but each layer contributes to the look of the whole.

As we progress on our journey together, keep in mind that everything you learn in this workshop is a jumping off point, the tip of the ice berg.  Each technique could be explored in depth or combined with other techniques – the choice is yours.  You will want to bring some surfaces to work on a piece that you will finish (or almost) during our time together.










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Donna Engstrom
965 Brighton Lake Road
Brighton MI 48116

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While doing my research, I found each day of the week has a particular focus, color, and even a god or goddess.  Sunday is about growth, Monday is ruled by the moon, and so on.  Your book will be a totally unique expression, full of your personal prompts that will help move you down the path to that life of your dreams. 


August 18-19 (2 days)

August 15, 22, 29 (3 weeks)

Class Kit: $5 1st night of class (unstretched canvas, wire screening, wire, air dry clay


August 22-23 (2 days)


September 11-12 (2 days) 



9/14-16 (3 days)
9:30-2:30 (9/15-15)
10-2 (9/16)


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With busy schedules and conflicting dates of regular classes, you can still move ahead with your art by taking a private lesson. We will find mutually available days/times.  Both adults and children are welcome. Any level: beginner to advanced.

Class will be held at the CoBACH center. Please call or email me: dj@donnajeanart  *810-923-5499