Class - Mixed Media Workshop

400 high 2016-03-31 10.34.10 .jpg
400 high 2016-03-31 10.34.10 .jpg

Class - Mixed Media Workshop


This workshop is jam packed with fun and information.  During the class, learn a variety of techniques including various background treatments, texture ideas, collage, design pointers, as well as some color theory. 

Students will benefit from many demos and have lots of opportunity to work on their own paintings.  Beginner to advanced levels welcome.

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10 or more Canvas sheets and/or Watercolor Paper (140#) for technique practice

Larger surfaces for painting starts

Acrylic paints in colors of your choice

Brushes, palette

4” rubber brayer (not the sponge type)

Spray bottle

White gesso

Matte medium

Heavy Gel medium

Palette or painting knife

White tissue paper


Also a good time to bring those old, not-so-favorite paintings that never made it to ‘done.’

For collage: words, quotes and/or images in various sizes, decorative papers

Optional: watercolor pencils, water-soluble crayons, oil pastels, soft pastels, colored pencils, gel pens, white tissue paper, old fabric patterns, muslin fabric or any cool art supply you purchased but haven’t opened yet.

Donna's Cell 810-923-5499 (please call or text if you can’t make it to class)

Class is upstairs (no elevator)

You can leave your supplies overnight for length of class. <- How awesome is that!