Col·lage   (kəˈläZH/)

"A piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric onto a backing.

The art of making collages.
a combination or collection of various things."

Mixed Media Collage Portfolio

The collage paintings in this portfolio fall into two categories:  

  • mixed media wall art and
  • contemporary female figurative pieces.

The mixed media wall art series is based on some of my favorite quotes or book passages.  I find words very inspiring and much of my contemporary wall art is created with a word or phrase in mind.  In my sketch book are pages and pages of quotes, book passages, and sayings that have been gathered over the years. 

I created these canvas pieces as a challenge to work bigger - most measure 2'w x 4'h.  Perfect size for that large wall space that needs filling.  Each unique mixed media art piece is on unstretched artist canvas.  I love working on canvas because it is so versatile - it can be painted, cut, ripped, sewn, and glued.  On all of them, I have collaged either words or images or both, onto the surface.  Each piece has it's own unique hanging system.  


Collage Content

Much of my work has a feminine slant, celebrating the Divine Feminine.  The female figurative pieces you see are from my Wild Woman series.  The face is collage and the rest is a mix of acrylic paint, acrylic texture gels, water-soluble crayon, and hand carved stamps.

Many are still available for sale.  If you are interested, please contact me for pricing.


The Power of C:
Crones, Crowns, Crows

Many of my collages celebrate the life and contributions of a 'Crone.'  The word 'crone' is derived from the tradition of the triple goddess, depicting the three stages of a woman's development: maiden, mother, crone/elder.  Society has attached a negative connotation to women of a certain age.  Native Americans wisely recognize a woman of age as a font of wisdom and knowledge.

The last ten images are from a series called 'The Power of C: Crones, Crowns, Crows.'  












I've also created a number of small collages based on quotes, poetry, and book passages.  These are available as 8" x 10" prints on acid-free photographic paper.

These make unique, thoughtful gifts for that special woman in your life.