My love for painting began with creating many, many landscapes in oils.  For years, I worked in that medium, painting realistic landscapes, seascapes, and flowers.  I then began working with acrylics to create my original abstract paintings for some twenty years.  


Interpreting a landscape in an expressionistic way, I layer many colors; sometimes with texture on the surface, sometimes not.  I love the blend between a realistic and non-representational presentation of subject matter.  You will notice that here in my acrylic landscape paintings as well as in my floral and figurative work.



Sometimes an artist hits a slump.  What to do?  Nothings seems right.  That's where I was last winter - which is very gray here in Michigan.  So I started doodling with my pencil, using the lovely bare trees as my focus.  This took me to a Zen state, that state where artists lose all sense of time and place.  I call it "being in the zone."  These small black and white pencil drawings of trees are the result.  They are on acid-free mat board, ready to be placed in a ready made frame.






Custom Landscape Paintings

Recently, two of my daughters asked me to create canvas wall art that would showcase the cities in Europe they visited.  Working from their photos, I created the pieces shown below.

For this series, both acrylic and oil paints were used to achieve the impressionistic look I wanted.   Most of these started with an acrylic under painting.  Once the basic shapes were in place, I painted the rest using artist quality oil paint.    You can click on each image for more information about the location.