Pick Up That Pencil

Exciting News!

My new 8-Module Drawing Course for Beginners is finally open for registration

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Tired of you drawings looking like a 5th grader drew it?
No classes available in your area?
Want the convenience of working at home with quality instruction?



Check out the video to get a clear idea of what is covered in the 8 weeks.


  • 8-Module Drawing Class for Beginners

  • Lessons include videos so you can watch me draw step by step.

  • A private Facebook where you upload your work to get feedback.


how does it work?

Each lesson builds on the lesson before. You will be using the techniques you learned in the first four modules to work on the more advanced drawing exercises in the last four modules


WHAT do you get?

I packed as much value as possible into each module. The complete course took over two months to create. Listed below is what you can expect when taking the course:

  • Eight modules with in depth information, tips and tricks. ($500)

  • Real-time videos so you can watch the process closely. ($200)

  • Reference sheets to print out and keep in your sketchbook. ( $75)

  • Personal feedback via the private Facebook group. ($350)

  • Quality instruction from a seasoned artist; I’ve been doing art for over 30 years. (priceless)

Wowza! That’s over $1200 in value!

That’s not the price you’ll pay, however.

If you sign up now, the price is only $197.

Yes, I know I could charge more but I want everyone who wants to improve their drawing skills to be able to take my course.