DD 5 Ways to Use Gesso for Glorious Texture

Cover Image Gesso.jpg
Cover Image Gesso.jpg

DD 5 Ways to Use Gesso for Glorious Texture


exture is an important element of art. It gives your work movement and interest. Grow your art practice by experimenting with actual texture.  Use gesso to create subtle texture to your surface and liven up your work.

What You Will Learn:

  • Discover how to use simple tools to create actual texture with the gesso
  • Create a mirror image design
  • Add interest to a piece by drawing into the gesso
  • How cheesecloth can add dynamic texture
  • What happens when you use wax paper and plastic wrap in a new way
  • How to use gesso to provide interest to your art

What You Will Make:

  • Lots of technique sheets to use as reference.
  • A finished painting using gesso under the paint.
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