DD 7 Texture Techniques Using Acrylic Gels

Texture Gel tools.jpg
Texture Gel tools.jpg

DD 7 Texture Techniques Using Acrylic Gels


Texture is an important art element. It can give the illusion of reality or provide an active ground for your work.

Texture can be visual or actual. All that means is you can create the look of texture on your surface while the surface remains flat, OR you can achieve physical texture with an added medium. Texture can be used with acrylic, watercolor or oil paint.

In this class you will learn all about actual or physical texture with acrylic gels and how to use them to create interest and movement in your work.

What You Will Learn:

Different type of gels
How to extend your paint with gel medium
Using simple tools to get all sorts of texture
Create mirror images
How to use gel medium to create a focal point

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