DD How to Pick a Paint Brush

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DD How to Pick a Paint Brush


Do you stand in front of huge brush displays, scratching your head?  

  • Which brush is best for watercolor painting?  Acrylics?  Oils?
  • What does 'bristle brush' mean, don't they ALL have bristles?
  • Whoa! This one little brush is $15 - why is that?
  • Does it matter which brand I buy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this class is for you. 

I owned an art materials retail store for eleven years and gained a wealth of information on all the different art materials. As a painter, I have a deep understanding of the different types/brands of brushes and which are best to use for different media.

For over ten years I painted landscapes using oil paint. I taught myself to watercolor and then moved on to painting with acrylics (which is my medium of choice).

You will learn:

  • When to pick a natural hair and when a synthetic brush will do.
  • Basic brush shapes and what each is used for.
  • How to choose the right brush for your painting medium.
  • The difference between a $2 brush and a $15 brush (and which to choose).
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