Abstract Art

My husband and I owned and operated a retail art materials store where we offered supplies, classes, and framing.  At that time I was  mainly painting landscapes, seascapes, and flowers in oils. In 1994 a customer introduced me to the challenge of intuitive abstract painting and I was hooked.  This was when I switched to acrylic paint and began doing my own original work.

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Painting Grounds or Surfaces

Paintings shown here are on either canvas, acid-free watercolor or printmaking paper, or illustration board.  Each surface has its own charm.  If you would like to learn more about the properties of each, please click here to go the Glossary Page.  There you will find definitions of many art terms that I hope will help educate you when looking at and purchasing original art.  

Canvas is a wonderful surface to work with and one of my favorites. So many possibilities for an artist - texturize, paint, collage, sew, rip. As an art buyer, it provides a piece of work that may be left unframed if desired or framed in wood or metal to add extra emphasis.  When purchasing a work on paper, make sure to work with a reputable framer who knows about archival materials for the mat board, backing, and glazing.