Things I wish someone told me about being an artist:


Oh so true. Especially getting caught up in the comparison trap. Way back in high school I stopped drawing altogether because I had a girl friend who could draw ANYTHING. When I looked at my drawing attempts, all I saw was ‘less than crap.’ So I quit.

It took me decades before I started drawing again. And, guess what? I found out that I was pretty good at it!

Don’t let that happen to you. If you want to draw, do it. Take Classes. Draw every day. Practice.

Date your drawings so you can see your progress. Don’t go down the ‘I’m not as good as’ rabbit hole. Do it because it fulfills you. Do it because you want to. Be willing to do it badly in order to do it well. I saw a quote that redefined Fail as ‘First Attempt In Learning.’

Big Love

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